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5 April, 2018

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Can you spot a phishing email? Take this test and find out!

One of the oldest, nastiest and most lucrative tools used by hackers is phishing – a method to fool you into revealing your personal and sensitive information such as debit/card numbers, passwords, ATM pin, date of birth – any data that can personal identify you.

Here’s an example of a classic phishing attack:

You receive an email from your bank warning you that your banking account will be TERMINATED unless you verify yourself by sharing details such as your ATM PIN, existing login ID and password, debit card number, and the CVV code. Thinking this to be important and believing what the email just informed you, you do as you were told to – you give away all these confidential details. But what has actually happened? You just gave away all this information to a hacker who tricked you with a fake email and a fraudulent story about your net banking account. You have been phished!

And this is just one example of a ‘simply-designed’ phishing attack. There are phishing emails that are so cleverly done, even computer security experts fail to see through them sometimes. So, we’ve collated the below samples to let you test your skill in how to spot a phishing email? Good luck!